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Rome campervan hire


Rome is a city that should need no introduction. Centre of one of the world’s major civilisations, it has a social history going back more than two and a half thousand years to 753 BC. It is Italy’s capital and largest city, home to the the Vatican City state and a vast UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a hub of European culture, of history, of fashion, of great food and wine and it is on many, many bucket lists. Rome is also centrally located in gorgeous Italy, making it a jumping-off point to visit the sunny beaches of the south or the mountains and vibrant cities of the north. Old Rome is the centre of Rome’s historic attractions, and is the city’s most charming and fascinating district. Cafes, restaurants and shops abound in the streets and piazzas, but the real draw are the spectacular ancient buildings. Here, one will find the Pantheon, the Campo de’ Fiori and a huge number of old churches, piazzas and palazzos. Also an amazing sight is, of course, Vatican City just across the river from Old Rome. Nearby is the Colosseo district which contains the incredible ruins of the Colosseum as well as Capitoline Hill. The Modern Centre of Rome is a good starting point for explorations, as it has many of the city’s hotels as well as excellent shopping and dining. The Trevi Fountain is the centerpiece of this district, and it is here that visitors throw coins over their left shoulder with their right hand into the fountain to ensure that a Roman local will fall in love with them. No word on whether this is a scientifically proven method. Heading out of the city with a motorhome? It is a great way to see the wonderful landscapes of Italy. From Rome, you can head down the beautiful Tyrrhenian Coast to the south, passing the incredible seaside villages and cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. City lovers should go north from Rome and inland to see Florence, Bologna, Turin, Milan, Genoa and the lovely Venice. Wherever you choose to go, pasta, pizza, wine and beautiful sights await!

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